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WESD Principal Candidate,


Thank you for your interest in the principal position at the Washington Elementary School District (WESD).  Please see below for details of the hiring process of a principal. 


Hiring Process for the School Principal Position

I. Application Process
Qualified external candidates, as well as internal candidates who do not currently hold a principal position in the District, may complete an online principal application.
Only complete applications will be considered.  In addition to providing all requested application information, a complete application also requires each of the following items:

  • Current résumé (to be uploaded with application)
  • Three recent letters of recommendation (to be uploaded with application)
  • Copy of valid Arizona principal certificate, principal reciprocal certificate or superintendent certificate, or proof of having passed the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment for principals or superintendents (to be uploaded with application)
  • Copy of most recent performance evaluation (to be uploaded with application)
  • A minimum of three online reference checks (to be completed by the applicant’s current and two most recent supervisors in accordance with the instructions provided in the online principal application cover letter; for internal applicants, only one online reference check by the applicant’s current supervisor is required)

    Interview Process

         1. Preliminary Principal Selection Process

    The Human Resources Department will review all applications and invite selected candidates to complete an initial, video interview.  The Human Resources Director and selected district personnel will screen each candidate to determine candidates for the Central Interview Process.  
         2. Central Interview Process
    Applicant interviews selected during the preliminary selection process will be conducted by the central interview team.  The central interview team will be comprised of Human Resources and administrator representatives.
         3. Site-Level Interview Process
    Applicant interviews selected during the central interview process will be conducted by the site-level interview team.  The site-based interview team will be comprised of site teachers, site program coach, assistant principal (if applicable), support staff, parents and community members, a peer principal, and District administrative representatives.  
         4. Administration-Level Interview Process
    The Superintendent’s leadership team and designee(s) will interview each of the candidates whose name has been forwarded to them through the site-based interview team.  
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$79,262.00 - $92,203.00 / Per Year
LocationDistrict Wide

Applications Accepted

Start Date12/19/2019